A Luxury Lounge

Metro-021216-Barkeep2Looking to take our average date night to the next level a couple weekends ago, my husband and I ventured to the Halekulani after hearing multiple rave reviews of the hotel’s intimate piano and jazz bar, Lewers Lounge.

I have been to piano bars before, so I knew what to expect … or so I thought. As soon as we walked in , I knew I had found a sweet spot amid the touristy bars and restaurants of Waikiki. The smooth sounds of Diana Krall’s Peel Me A Grape crooned from the live piano and string bass duo as we made our way to a corner table in the dimly lit lounge.

If the first thing I noticed was how amazing the live music was, the second thing was definitely the delicious complimentary chocolate-covered orange peels and smoked almonds. (I hadn’t even looked at the menu yet and already decided Lewers Lounge was a date night winner!)

The menu is stocked with a selection of fine liqueurs for on-the-rocks consumption, but I ultimately chose the Chocolate Dreams martini ($13, pictured here ) made with Van Gogh Dutch Chocolate Vodka. I was anticipating a creamy concoction (like true chocolate), but was pleasantly surprised when my drink arrived and instead was a smooth elixir of rich chocolate with undertones of cinnamon. It wasn’t heavy and I loved that it was served with a chocolate straw!

My husband ordered an Old Fashioned ($13), a mix of bourbon, bitters and muddled fruits, and he told me it was the best Old Fashioned he had experienced on the island. I took a sip and loved that I could enjoy every layer of the drink — bourbon, bitters, fruit — without feeling like I was consuming just bourbon (too strong) or just fruit (too weak).

As we sipped our cocktails and listened to the jazz combo in the corner, I couldn’t help but think that Lewers is not just a great place to grab a drink, it’s an experience. The upscale drink menu, complimentary bar snacks and romantic ambiance culminate to create one of the island’s best-kept secrets.