A Day In The Life: Tiffany Ahuna

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As the owner of consulting firm SGI Business Solutions, Tiffany Ahuna spends her days guiding other businesses to success. From staffing to sales and marketing, SGI (standing for Start, Grow, Improve), and making remote working a success, this businesswoman tackles it all.

Ahuna launched her company just last year, but her experience in business coaching stretches back further than that: She previously worked with national franchise The Entrepreneur’s Source, which connects people with franchise opportunities throughout the country. Her clients at the time, though, Ahuna found, often wanted more from her – business advice beyond joining a franchise – and she began expanding her services. Eventually, Ahuna took her experience working with hundreds of businesses in a range of industries to launch her own venture.

Today, SGI’s clients have included nonprofits, retail, restaurants, social media startups and more. Plus, Ahuna also is in the process of developing an app and her own luggage line.

For more on SGI, visit sgibusiness.com.


STARTING OUT: “I do my best to start my day at 5 a.m.,” Ahuna says.

The first thing she does when she gets up every morning is what she calls D.O.V.E., “devotions,” “offer prayers,” “visualize” and “expect greatness.” This is a time set aside to calm her mind, pray, think about what she wants to accomplish throughout the day and read affirmations that she has written.

Then, she moves into her daily workout, which could be going for a run or to the gym for weights and cardio.

Back home, she then gets dressed and ready – even though she works from home.

“I believe you work better when you feel good about your appearance,” she says.

Next up, breakfast. If she has time to cook, she likes half of an English muffin with an over-easy egg and fruit, or a veggie omelet with toast. If there’s no time to cook, she goes with a smoothie, or if she’s really in a pinch, just an iced coffee.

MORNINGS: By 7 or 8, she’s hunkering down in her home office. While her day-to-day itinerary varies, she always likes to check off these three things every morning: posting to social media, checking email and shooting out reminders for the next day’s appointments.

If she has morning meetings, she tries to schedule them after 9:30, so she can tackle those tasks first.

Lunch breaks are not common for Ahuna, unless she has a lunch meeting.

“Most times, I’m eating while working, or I only break long enough to eat, so 15-20 minutes,” Ahuna says.

AFTERNOONS: Ahuna tends to schedule the chunk of her client interfacing in the afternoon, which might be comprised of calls and meetings. When not meeting with clients, she turns her attention to administrative tasks in the afternoons.

Plus, she always sets aside time in the afternoon to prep for the following day’s meetings as well.

“For my consulting meetings, I will review the notes from the previous meeting, review the client’s progress and client’s goals,” she explains. “I will strategize action items to get the client to closer to their goals and plan the agenda for the meeting to be as efficient and effective as possible during our meeting time.”

EVENINGS: Her clock-out time varies based on what she’s working on, but lately, numerous projects have kept her working late.

If she does have free time in the evenings beyond a quick dinner break – she cooks most nights – she catches up on her favorite TV shows or hangs out with family and friends.

Working from home, she admits, can cause work and life to bleed into one another – and she often has to remind herself to stop working.

“The joy of working from home is you can multi-task and have flexibility,” Ahuna says. “But I do have boundaries. When it comes to spending time (with) family and friends, I make sure to set aside time for them and work gets turned off.”